I'm Julian Cole


The future is bright, it's full of nightmares. And nightmares are my game time. Strategy in calm waters is fun. But give me the burning house and I thrive.

When the biggest campaign of the year is five weeks behind schedule and you’re back to square one, when you have a dangerous idea with no go to market plan, or an interagency civil war on your hands. Tap me in.

When the plan needs to duck, weave and transform in real time is when I light up. The higher the stakes, the uglier the problem, the better I get. Give me your nightmares.

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May 1 - Creative Feedback Cheatsheet
One-sheeter helps people give better creative feedback. Created by Karen Faith & I.

May 1 - Framework Factory
A collection of 52 private go-to Frameworks that you can steal and use by Davis Ballard and I.

April 14 - Planning Hype
Planning Hype extended version with 20+ examples of how to engineer hype of a product before its launch. Created by Melissa Pepers and I.

April 3rd - Independent Agency Black Book
There’s a lot of world class work created by small agencies that get missed by our industry. I’m going to shine a light on agencies that are flying under the radar with the Independent Agency Black Book.

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Julian Cole cut his teeth at Naked Communications learning the craft of comms planning. He created a knack for taking great ideas and making them come to life in innovative ways. He went on to lead the Comms Planning teams at BBDO and BBH in New York, both agencies often overlooked as ‘just a TV agency’.

His team helped create award-winning work for PlayStation, Bacardi, Footlocker, Mountain Dew, GE, Snickers, M&Ms, Lowes, Interscope Records, Boost Mobile, Bombay Sapphire, and the Sandy Hook Foundation. This resulted in the agencies winning the Webby Agency of the Year for three of the last seven years, also picking up more Integrated Cannes Lions than Film Lions during this period.


Mountain Dew
General Electric
Interscope Records
Boost Mobile
Bombay Saphire
Sandy Hook Foundation


Cannes Lions / Gold / Branded Content / Bacardi
Cannes Lions / Bronze / Digital Content / Snickers

Webby's / Best Use of Video / Lowes